Mehmed (Mesa) Krilasevic

Fibraworld Ltd

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  • Tuesday (13:00 - 16:00)
DescriptionThe main activity of our company is the production of fiberglass profile which have wide application in construction, such as industrial fences, bridges, motorway sighs Fibraworld Ltd. is a company engaged in the production of various profiles made of fiberglass, glass fibers and polyester resins for building applications. Fibraworld has more than 400 different molds (profiles). The company's activities are under the code KD BIH 20.16 (KD 24.160), Manufacture of plastics in primary forms. Fibraworld Ltd applies internationally recognized standard ISO 9001: 2008 - Quality Management Systems. The goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. In addition to the production of fiberglass profiles, it also deals with the processing of metals and similar services .Fibraworld has been running over 3 years dealing with the manufacture and production of metal parts for the construction industry, mechanical engineering and automotive industry, as well as with the production of various tools and machines. We also carry out metal processing with metal scraping. Fibraworld has a mechanical site where the following operations take place: • Cutting, scraping, milling, CNC milling, erosion and grinding. Welding equipment is also provided in the production process. Our current production includes the following: • Switch for receiving and connecting elements on various types of excavators CR15 Twin Lock • Prism parts for bigger circuits ( CR30 Twin Lock,CR40 Twin Lock,CR50 Twin Lock etc.)
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CityGradacac, Sarajevska BB Google map
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