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DescriptionCompany CINI is a private production company established in 1977 in Cacak, Serbia. The product portfolio consists of the following lines: bimetallic radiators, design radiators, towel warmers, electrical heating elements (heaters) for towel warmers, electrical radiators. All products have appropriate certificates for domestic and international markets. The company is exporting to most of the EU countries, Russia, Ukraine, UK, surrounding countries etc.
Organization Type producers,
CityCacak, ul.15 bb Google map
Areas of Activities



      Construction and Construction Materials

        Engineering, design and consulting


          bimetallic radiators, design radiator, towel warmer, el.radiators, el. heating elements

          Bimetallic radiators are new innovative radiators with original construction made of aluminium and inox. Their main characteristics: high corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, absence of flammable gas(hydrogen), high thermal efficiency.
          Design radiators are offered in various models - tall vertical radiators, horizontal radiators, luxury towel warmers, hygenic radiators; all of these models are also offered in wide range of dimensions and colours.
          Electrical heating elements (heaters) are electrical devices used for installation in towel warmers and radiators. Also avavilable in different models and accessories depending on the particular usage and needs.

          Keywords: radiatorsheatingaluminium radiatorstowel warmersdesign radiatorsbathroom radiatorsgrejanjeradijatoribimetalni radijatoricentralno grejanjegrejacialuminijumski radijatorisusaci peskira
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