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DescriptionMikrohes Research Development Company; In 2010, the 2.2MW hydro power plant experience in the renewable energy sector in Turkey, was founded with the goal of becoming a designer and contractor. Kocaeli University Technopark Technology Development Zone which is environmentally friendly technologies as of 2013. Research about Archimedes Screw turbine system, the development of renewable and alternative energy production techniques, development and innovative work has been operating in the area. Nature and fish friendly technology.
The aim of the company is to turn the energy balance into a potential energy energy that is not derived from low and low flows without breaking the ecological balance. This system, which is nature and fish friendly, does not separate the water from the road, it cleans the water because it increases the amount of oxygen in the water. Fish can move through the system without being damaged. You do not need cans and fish gates for this system. The tree and the vegetation in the region do not harm the cover. It provides less excavation and less reinforced concrete structure. 
Moreover, it also contributes to preservation of historic touch and preservation of ecological order.Low operating costs, the highly efficient technology at low flow. The system is less costly than conventional hydroelectric power plants. The designed project continues to generate high efficiency electricity from the system even when the water content is reduced by 80% or 20% due to seasonal change. The electromechanical system developed by the company produces electricity with the Industrial 4 0 technology. Founded in maintenance and operating costs are very low.
The system can be used with 0.1-10 m3 / s water depth and 1-10 m depth. With this system produced with a maximum power of 300 kW turbine may be achieved by placing the MW value in parallel or in series. Investment payback period is 2-6 years.
Organization Type producers, SMEs
CityKocaeli, KOÜ Teknopark B31 Başiskele Google map
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      1-Joint venture agreement: a strategic alliance whereby two companies decide to develop a new entity, usually for a well-defined period of time or for a specific project. Both parties contribute in terms of equity to the creation of this temporary partnership.
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      3-Technical cooperation agreement: an agreement between two entities whereby resources are pooled and skills are shared to further the development of the technical aspects of a product or technology (which is at prototype stage for example).

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