Husein Huseinović


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  • Tuesday (13:00 - 16:00)
DescriptionSince 1974 we have been making use of water pressure with extremely powerful and reliable high-pressure systems. Today we develop and produce high-pressure pumps, high-pressure systems, as well as pump accessories, on the highest technical level. With experience acquired over decades, KAMAT has designed pumps with operating pressures up to 3,500 bar and driving power up to 1200 kW to a level where they are mature enough for production. Our products convince customers worldwide and from the most varied sectors, where they are found in mines in China and on drilling rigs in the Atlantic. KAMAT positions its products and services all around the world. 80% of sales are achieved abroad. In addition to the European markets, KAMAT also exports to a great extent to the rest of the world market. In all countries where KAMAT products are used, its representatives provide important consulting and service, as well as quick supply of spare parts - i.e. a service for customers.
Organization Type consultants, producers, SMEs
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