Nikola Aleksic

Team Leader

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (13:00 - 16:00)
DescriptionREECO Group, the leading trade fair and conference organizers in the Energy and Water sector in Austria, Germany, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Organization Type consultants, organizations, institutions
Organization Size1-10
CityNovi Sad, Petra Drapsina Google map
Areas of Activities




      Participation at international platform for energy and water experts

      The REECO® Family is a powerful engine for future markets; the expansion strategy on emerging markets in Eastern, Central, and South East Europe should be followed up. The strong linkage of the REECO-Events offers the exhibitors the possibility to establish itself on new markets through familiar structures. This facilitates the know-how transfer and the market entry. We introduce only topics, that have potential for implementations, and where we can guarantee available projects, that are presented in our Investors-Business-Lounge.

      Current Portfolio
      ­ RENEXPO® Water & Energy, Belgrade, Serbia
      ­ CEB® Karlsruhe , Germany
      ­ interCOGEN® Karlsruhe , Germany
      ­ WTT-Expo® Karlsruhe , Germany
      ­ RENEXPO® BiH, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      ­ RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO, Salzburg, Austria